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Beasiswa 2 Scholarships, 9 PhD Student Fellowships, Postdoctoral Fellow in Biology

2 Scholarships, 9 PhD Student Fellowships, Postdoctoral Fellow in Biology
The Research Training Group
“Alteration and element mobility at the microbe-mineral interface”
at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, Germany offers

2 scholarships
starting on 1 October 2010 and is limited for 12 months,

9 PhD student fellowships
starting on 1 November 2010 and limited for 3 years,

a Postdoctoral fellow
starting on 1 October 2011 and limited for 2 years.

Since the research subject of microbial impact on weathering, reactive transport and remineralization is strictly interdisciplinary, the faculty comprises three geological, one mineralogical, two soil science, one chemical and two microbiological expert groups. With this research profile, a PhD program is established that is characterized by its scientific excellence and strong international context and that will stimulate interaction between students coming from different scientific disciplines.
Applicants for the scholarships have to show that they are among the 5% top graduates of their bachelor year, applicants of the PhD student fellowships should have an excellent diploma or MSc (more than 80%) in the field of biology, geology, chemistry or comparable certification.

Vacant PhD projects:
• Microbial influence on sorption of heavy metals to Fe-, Mn-, Al-(oxi)hydroxides
• Bioconversion of mobile organo-mineral geosorbents: microbial effects on reactivity and mobility
• Linking iron cycling to the stabilization and spatial distribution of soil organic matter
• Investigation of the microbial mineralization process by means of spectroscopical methods
• Mineral transformation and biomineralization with stibnite and tetrahedrite
• Microbial formation of heavy metal containing secondary minerals
• Biomolecular mechanisms of Corg mobilization
• Investigation of the microbial impact on the alteration and degradation of clay minerals
• Understanding the mechanisms of organic matter degradation from black pelites

Vacant Postdoctoral project:
• Proteins involved in bioconversion, biomineralization or biodissolution

Further information you find at http://www.gk-alteration.uni-jena.de link Recruitment/Applications. Send your electronical application including the application form to katrin.krause@uni-jena.de, deadline except for postdoctoral fellow 25 September 2010.

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