Kamis, 23 September 2010

info lomba - Lomba Kartun Digital Media

2nd International Digital Media Cartoon Contest 2010

We address to all the professional and amateur cartoonists regardless
their age from all over the world.


a-Cyber Spaces such as:
Internet, Digital Media, Mobile, Bluetooth,
Information Networks, SMS (Short Message Service)
MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)
Multimedia Software, Digital Arts,
Family effect on right using of digital media


-The number of sent cartoons is 5.
-Please attach in .doc format a brief presentation of your artistic activity (surname and first name, address,
e-mail address, a photo and your CV)
-All participants that their works enter in exhibition will receive the catalogue of the contest.
-Sent works should be in 200dpi with 1500 pixel width or length and jpg format.
-Sent works should not be published or won in a contest before.


- First Prize: $2000, Honorable Mention and Trophy.
-Second Prize: $ 1500, Honorable Mention and Trophy.
-Third Prize: $ 1000, Honorable Mention and Trophy.
-10 Honorable Mentions

The cartoons must be sent at the e-mail address:

The cartoons will be published in the web pages:


September 27,2010

Thank you for participation

Iranian House of Cartoon:
Tel: (+98 21) 22868600-22867080
Fax: (+98 21)22846928

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